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Getting to East Cape

Three air carriers fly from Los Angeles (LAX) to San Jose del Cabo offering several flight options every day: Alaska Airlines, Mexicana and Aero California.  Several other carriers fly in from other US cities including Delta from Atlanta and America West from Phoenix. 

Be careful to ask for the Cabo, Los Cabos or Southern Baja airport.  We have heard many stories about people who ask for the San Jose airport and end up in California as opposed to Mexico.  We even have firsthand experience of a gracious guest who made reservations to, and got off the plane in San Jose CA, only to be routed through Atlanta and ultimately to Baja some 30 hours later.

Destination: Pacific can assist you with your travel reservations if you so desire. 

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San Jose del Cabo Airport

Once on the ground, you have many options.  First, a rental car will run anywhere between $30 and $50 per day for an economy car and as much as $75 to $90 a day for a larger car or a minivan.  Many rental car companies will negotiate rates right at the airport, and this often is the best way to get the lowest rate. 

If you decide to rent a car, you’ll have to decide on whether or not to purchase additional insurance, as it is highly unlikely your own insurance will cover vehicle operation in Mexico.  Basic coverage costs approximately $10 to $15 per day, while full coverage costs $20 to $30 per day.   Insurance is not mandatory, but know the risks before making such decision.

Both of their hotels offer shuttle service from the airport.  Rates very depending on the number of passengers in your party, and the larger the group, the lower the cost.  For a party of 6, shuttle service is approximately $40 to $50 per person.  For guests planning on staying within the East Cape area, a shuttle may be sufficient, and may even add to the relaxation and enjoyment of the area.  Shuttle rides need to be reserved a head of time, and Destination:Pacific can take care of this for you.

For those driving, from the international airport at San Jose del Cabo it is about a 60 kilometer (40 mile) ride to the East Cape resorts (Cabo San Lucas is about a 40 minute ride from the airport in the opposite direction).  Pay close attention to the area at the 71 kilometer marker, which is where the gas station is.  Pemex is the only fuel company in Baja California, and when you go to return your rental car, this is the gas station you’ll need to stop at to avoid excessive fuel surcharges.

Kilometer marker 101 is the top of the ridge where you’ll first see the Sea of Cortez, and all the resorts along the coast are not too far from here and are pretty easy to find.

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East Cape from the air


If you have questions about fishing in East Cape, Mexico or would like to make reservations, please call us or email us and we will be happy to help.

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