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Over five million years ago, the Sea of Cortez was wrenched from the Central American land-mass by the San Andreas fault - the same geologic weakness that threatens much of the State of California today.  The Baja Peninsula and the deep Sea of Cortez that it borders are one of the Earth's most unique geologic appendages.  Only the Kamchatka, Malay and Antarctic peninsulas are longer.

The Sea of Cortez itself is spectacular for its extremes.  The massive mud flats at the north end were built as the Colorado River dug America's Grand Canyon, and deposited the spoils at the top of the gulf.  Those flats, combined with swirling currents rising from the Pacific Ocean below, support a thriving food chain in a unique body of water that has been famously productive of everything from prawns to monster marlin, for several millennia.

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Double Yellowfin's

Speaking of monster marlin, long term photographic records indicate that more Pacific Blue and Black Marlin granders have been landed by boats fishing off the East Cape than her more famous southern rival, Cabo San Lucas.  This fact is all the more impressive when you know that Cabo's fleet is not only bigger, but it includes a large number of gold-plated sport fishing machines, ostensibly capable of catching anything, and sees a lot more hooks in her waters annually.

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Small Pompano caught right off the floating dock

Visitors to the East Cape can experience a wide variety of fishing techniques and species.  Shore fishing can be accomplished by walking the beach or the use of an ATV “Quad,” and guides are available for both conventional and fly tackle.  Roosterfish, Sierra, Grouper (Cabrilla), Snapper (Pargo), Pompano, and others including tuna can all be caught from shore on both conventional and fly gear.   Smaller, schooling Roosterfish can often be corralled by casting, but the larger and faster ones require that extra speed afforded by the ATV.

On the Pangas, all nearshore species plus Yellowtail, Jack Crevalle, Amberjack, more frequent tuna and Dorado is available, while the Super Pangas and Cruisers can head offshore for a plethora of pelagic species such as Blue, Black and Striped Marlin, Sailfish, Dorado, Tuna, Wahoo, and even Broadbilled Swordfish. 


If you have questions about fishing in East Cape, Mexico or would like to make reservations, please call us or email us and we will be happy to help.

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