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Fishing Boats & Tackle

There are no marinas or fixed wharfs along the East Cape, and boats are generally moored on a ball just off of several of the hotels.  A tractor, bulldozer, or some type of 4-wheel drive vehicle is used to push a mobile pier into the water for boarding and off-loading.  Though a culture shock and certainly quite curious for those witnessing it for the first time, time has proven the system to work well, even if the water is a bit choppy.

Mexican fishing boats are divided into four general types: Panga, Super Panga, Cruiser, and Yacht.  Pangas are the least expensive and are generally a smaller (20-24 foot) open boat with some type of bimini roof/cover and powered by a hand-controlled outboard with the captain sitting in the stern.  Pangas can accommodate up to two anglers plus the captain, but there are very few in the East Cape area.

Super Pangas are often about the same size or a little larger than the Panga, still outboard powered, but are generally center-console operated and sometimes have twin engines.  Passengers are usually limited to three on a Super Panga. 

Cruisers are mostly vintage fiberglass boats such as Uniflites, La Paz-built Californians, Bertram 31’s and similar ones built by other manufacturers, in the 25-32 foot range.  Cruisers generally have a flying bridge and small salon below, outriggers, one or two fighting chairs in the cockpit, and single or twin diesels.  Most East Cape Cruisers will not exceed something the size of a Bertram 31 because of the lack of any marina in the vicinity.  Passengers are limited to four on smaller (28 foot) cruisers and six on the larger cruisers, though most Mexican skippers will tell you any more than four on a fishing boat is a crowd.  Rates range from $350-500.

Yachts are generally considered as 35 feet or larger, and are generally not available in the East Cape for charter because of the lack of suitable berthing. 


Tackle for the charter boats is available for a range of $5.00 to $8.00 a rod, and may or may not be appropriate.   For anglers looking to set a certain line-class world record, fish 100% IGFA rules, or is otherwise particular about tackle, we suggest bringing it from home.  For those looking to simply enjoy a few days of fishing and aren’t concerned with “perfect” tackle, the rental gear is adequate. 


Most captains and crews are purely Mexican speaking with communications accomplished in broken English and sign language, however, a surprising number of captains and crews speak excellent English. 

Bait is not part of the charter rate and passengers generally pay a bait boat captain directly for their wares.  A day’s worth of live, healthy greenback mackerel that will end up swimming in a transom-mounted bait bag will run anywhere from $15.00 to $40.00. 

The crews generally understand things such as the IGFA rules of conventional and fly fishing, and they will make every effort to accommodate anglers looking to add this element to their fishing.  They are also extremely competent anglers, well suited to taming most fish that come along for a ride. 


If you have questions about fishing in East Cape, Mexico or would like to make reservations, please call us or email us and we will be happy to help.

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