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Touted as the "Trophy Salmon Destination of the Pacific," King Salmon Resort is one of the truly great fishing experiences. A land-based lodge with fabulously appointed cottages and private baths all situated in a circular, camp-style arrangement, King Salmon also features an open-air hot-tub, a separate cookhouse and dining area, and immediate access to World Famous Shotbolt Bay on River’s Inlet.

Open May through September, up to 26 anglers and guests can enjoy the pristine wilderness on good old Mother earth - with all the comforts of home. What better way for a couple or group of fishing buddies to spend a vacation than to "rough it without roughing it?"

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The legends of giant King Salmon making their way up this famous inlet to the spawning grounds cannot be overstated, and encounters with fish exceeding 50, 60, even 70 pounds occur here more than anywhere else. It is these fish, plus the feisty and powerful Coho (Silver) Salmon that can exceed 20 pounds, that made River’s Inlet famous.

A hatchery program also exists at King Salmon, the result of an environmentally responsible operator that took the time and effort to realize that the over-exploitation of the stocks was good for nobody. Thanks to the efforts of the hatchery program and other legislative movements supporting the sportfishing industry, River’s Inlet is again experiencing record numbers of trophy Salmon.

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Unguided fishing is accomplished 17 foot Skookums complete with 30 HP outboards and depth sounders. Because travel time to the "spots" is so short, most of the day will be spent fishing and not cruising, something most anglers love to hear about. And with unlimited fishing permitted on these vessels for seemingly endless days, King Salmon is a resort that fills up many weeks often a year or two in advance.
King Salmon Resort is unique to Rivers Inlet. The MV King Salmon, a custom built Delta crew transport vessel equipped with triple screws for speed and reliability, whisks anglers from the head to the mouth daily where the "Outpost" awaits with a second set of fully appointed Skookums. Many anglers are familiar with the famous Rivers "Wall," an area where literally thousands of trophy-sized Salmon have been caught. With operations at both the head and mouth of the Inlet and the only resort capable of doing both, anglers visiting King Salmon will get to experience two famous fishing sites for the price of one.


If you have questions about fishing in British Columbia or would like to make reservations, please call us or email us and we will be happy to help.

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