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Fishing & Diving in the Marshall Islands

The Republic of the Marshall Islands consist of 29 atolls and 5 islands within 700,000 square miles of ocean.  Although the Marshall Islands covers such a vast area, the total land area is a mere 70 square miles.   Majuro, the economic center of the islands, has a total land area of 3.75 square miles made up of 64 islands and a lagoon area of 114 square miles.

The climate in Majuro is warm and humid year round, and the island is cooled by prevailing tradewinds most of the year.  The primary languages are Marshallese and English, and the currency is the U.S. Dollar.


marshscarfishing2300.jpg (361922 bytes) Fishing on Majuro is similar to fishing in Hawaii, however, fish are generally more plentiful, though generally smaller.   Anglers can fish in the lagoon for several species of Trevally including Giant and Bluefin Trevally or the vicious Dogtooth Tuna.  Anglers can also fish offshore for Pacific Blue Marlin, Black Marlin, Ono, Mahimahi, Barracuda and Yellowfin Tuna.   There are several boats to choose from including a Bertram 35' and a Custom 37' which fish both in the lagoon and offshore as well as make trips over to neighboring Arno Atoll. 

Diving in the Marshall islands is like playing in an underwater thrill park. 250 different species of coral set in crystal clear waters choreographed with over a thousand species of fish give visitors more photographic opportunities than many places in the world.

There are a wide variety of dives available, from steer drop-offs to pinnacles to wrecks.  Some spots hold pelagic fish while others offer many varieties of fish so tiny and   abundant the coral fingers seem alive as they search for tidbits of food.  Year-round warm water and the ability to always find a calm place to explore something new makes the Marshall Islands a great choice for a diving vacation to remember.  Dive rates are $45/tank on Majuro & $55/tank on neighboring Arno.   Rates include all gear and the boat.

Accommodations in Majuro are available at several hotels including the RRE Hotel.  The RRE is located on the lagoon about 25 minutes from the airport.  The RRE is a comfortable and reasonably priced hotel with exceptional views and convenience to the majority of the activities on the island.   The hotel offers standard rooms, lanai rooms and waterfront bungalow suites (picutred to the right). rresuitewview300.jpg (458475 bytes)
Air transportation from Honolulu is provided by Aloha Airlines.  Flights currently leave Honolulu for Majuro on Mondays and Thursdays and return to Honolulu on Tuesdays and Fridays.  The flight time is about 6 hours and may involve a stop on another atoll. 

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